Production and delivery of coupons and tickets

Pályázat benyújtásának határideje: 2019. november 15. 10:00

Szerencsejáték Zrt. (H-1015 Budapest, Csalogány u. 30-32.) announces a two-round open procedure for the production and delivery of coupons and tickets for lottery terminals.

The Call for Tender is provided by Szerencsejáték Zrt. free of charge after the duly signed copy of the Declaration of Confidentiality (available at the link below) and a copy of the signature specimen of the signatories are received at until
October 18, 2019 12 am.

In Round I of the Call for Tender, Tenderers shall declare whether they intend to take part in Round II and submit a price quotation after getting to know the Call for Tender. The deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent regarding the bidding is October 25, 2019 12 am.

Subsequently, the deadline for submission of the Tender Documentation is
November 15, 2019 10 am. Tender Documentations shall be sent by mail to or submitted in person at Szerencsejáték Zrt. Kereskedelmi Igazgatóság, Kereskedelem Szervezési Főosztály, H-1015 Budapest, Csalogány u. 30-32. Kindly indicate the following text on the sealed envelope containing the Tender Documentation and on the sample coupons: ‘TENDER DOCUMENTATION FOR THE PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY OF COUPONS AND TICKETS FOR LOTTERY TERMINALS ROUND II’.

Tender Documentations of Tenderers who manufacture coupons which comply with the quality requirements are evaluated based on the most favorable bid prices. The Contracting Authority shall conclude a contract with two bidders as specified in the Call for Tender. In the case of identical Bid Prices, the Contracting Authority shall conduct a written tender.

The Contracting Authority reserves the right to cancel the Call for Tender, to postpone the deadline for submission of tender documentations or to announce the results, or to declare the procedure ineffective. In all cases, the Contracting Authority shall notify the Tenderers thereof in writing and/or by means of an announcement.

Pályázat benyújtásának határideje: 2019. november 15. 10:00 óráig.


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